The Latin American Board in Guatemala

Last week, the Latin American Board traveled to Guatemala to attend the launch of  “Escuela de Gobierno”  (Government School) an initiative envisioned by board member, Dionisio Gutierrez.

Escuela de Gobierno seeks to train public servants on effective and transparent democratic leadership in an effort to transform political practices in Guatemala and Central America.

The event opened with a keynote speech by Ricardo Ernst, Managing Director of the Latin American Board, on “Competitiveness and Development.”  The following administrators and academics also participated in the opening panel: Hector Centeno, President of the Escuela de Gobierno Foundation, Hugo Maul, Academic Director of the Escuela de Gobierno, and Victor Moscoso, Executive Director of the Escuela de Gobierno.

The event was followed by a reception that counted with the attendance of more than 250 people from the public, private, academia and non-profit sectors as well as Georgetown University alumni.


While in Guatemala Ricardo Ernst,  was interviewed by board member, Dionisio Gutierrez, where he discussed the role of globalization and its effect on Latin America as well as the need to train public servants to become exceptional leaders capable of positively impacting the development and growth of their respective countries. In addition, Ernst highlighted the importance of education as a means to transform the Latin American region.

Additionally, Ernst spoke with popular Guatemalan newspaper “Prensa Libre,” about the importance of not politicizing governance as well as the role of governments in driving public policies and maintaining transparency.

To read the interview click here (Interview in Spanish).

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