About us

Created in 2006 to strengthen Georgetown University’s relationships with Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula, Georgetown University’s Latin America Board (LAB) draws on the University’s academic strengths in international business and global competitiveness, to cultivate partnerships in Latin America, Spain and Portugal through strategic, results-oriented projects and initiatives.

The Latin American Board serves as an Advisory Board to the President and the Provost at Georgetown University and is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of the Region’s most influential leaders from the public, private and non-profit sectors.

The Board’s main activities center on its flagship project, the Global Competitiveness Leadership Program, which accepts about 35 young leaders from the Ibero-American Region to participate in a 12-week in-residence program at Georgetown University. The program draws on interdisciplinary faculty from across departments at Georgetown, as well as expert leaders from the Region.

The Latin America Board also publishes a quarterly on-line journal dedicated to governance and competitiveness in Latin America, the Journal of Globalization, Competitiveness and Governability, and organizes diverse events on campus to discuss the most relevant issues in the region.